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A Clockwork Orange Movie Poster- (Presentable Roughs)

For my presentable roughs I chose 3 of my 10 sketches to continue onwards with. Ironically enough they were concepts 1-3 of the sketches. There were quite a few people who were quite fond of my Beethoven drawing but personally I can’t stand that concept. Out of these 3 concepts the one that was chosen for final poster design is concept number 3. I am proud of all 3 concepts so I would have been fine with any of the selection but now I feel bad because now I want to work on the other two. I feel that they do have potential. The first one would better suit a horror film, which Clockwork Orange is not but rather reflects the scary personality of the character Alex. The second concept goes for a more classical, clean and orderly image but fails to capture the disturbing nature of the film. Concept number 3 I admit is the strongest of the few. The illustration of the eyeball proves to be very focal and intense. Anyone who sees a held open eye with exaggerated eyelashes immediately thinks clockwork orange. The font Manson while beautiful in structure, still holds that psychotic looking nature. This is perfect for the nature of the film because the poster reflects the change in Alex’s psychotic nature.

I will need to improve on concept number 3 in 2 different methods. First is my usual grungy style, which is good for intensity, grittiness and illustration. The second will be designed using illustrator for order, effect and clarity. In the end I will decide on which image will look more suitable for the part. Either way the type will be created and arranged in Illustrator and the background colour will be developed in Indesign.

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