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Button Guy Directory Web Page Design


At People Power Press I took the responsibility of designing the new website for expansion of The Button Guy. With already launched for the past few months there was a new plan to release a sister site aiming at being  a directory for global  button making businesses. This is all made possible so people in countries like Brasil, China and Russia can all find business specializing in buttons in their area.

The world map design of the page aims to be an interactive user friendly experience. Every country that we could find in the database has been coloured to show that it can be linked to a specific page for that countries many businesses. This is a growing database and the map changes everytime we find something new. This website is intended to be simplistic, fun and professional all at once.

The web page can be viewed here at I was only in charge of designing the map page and making sure it functions properly however the directory itself is run via wordpress. In the future I aim to incorporate a rollover hotspot javascript lightbox for every country this way the page will show up once the mouse rolls over the specific country.

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