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Crossfire: Kukri Beast VIP Presale Page Design


This is a special presale page design for the North American version of free-to-play shooter crossfire. The idea of this page is to promote the new Kukri Beast weapon and for players to preorder it (The Page is no longer up as Preorders are done). Also this page a revising of a previous patch page I have done for the south american version of the game see posting here

Kukri Dragao Knife

Kukri Beast Knife

When visited the knife would rotate and page visitors could grab and rotate the knife manually to view from all angles. I wanted to keep that Eastern Dragon theme consistent through the design. A major influence was the art style of Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon.

Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon"

Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon”

Also to go along with it to promote the page were banner sets.

Kukri Beast Promotion Banner

Kukri Beast Promotion Banner

To check out the game’s website and/or download the game you can find it here. It is Great fun. I highly recommend trying it out.

While I designed this. This artwork and Crossfire NA is property of Smilegate West. This design is already public officially that is why it is being posted. This is on my blog for portfolio purposes not for profit or financial gain.

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