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Crossfire SA: Phantom and Mutants Themed Banners

While working at smilegate. I was assigned with the task of making banners to go along with the Phantoms Vs. Mutants content page which was Designed by my coworker Berjis.

First up is the Lab-X banner. Where players get extra Experience points and in game currency on certain days. Along with the chance to win the AT15-Afghan weapon showcased in the design. I was super proud of this design. As I designed it like a poster instead of a banner.


Also here is the banner promoting a chance to win 50 Million ZP. Which is a alot of money worth of in game currency. That is certainly a huge prize and the chance to win an AA-12 weapon (The weapon showcased below. I really like the green glow on these banners.


To check out the game’s website and/or download the game you can find it here. Great fun. I highly recommend trying out the game.

While I designed this. This artwork and Crossfire SA is property of Smilegate West. This is event is sponsored by E-Prepag. This design is already public officially that is why it is being posted. This is on my blog for portfolio purposes not for profit or financial gain.

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