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Futebol Mania: Awesome batch of banners (September Batch)

As I have said in my previous posts. I really love doing banner design for Futebol Mania because they usually involve really humorous assets in the completed designs.

First up let’s show this funny banner. Personally this is one of my favourite banners ever. I wanted to make it look like a typical Giorgio Armani style fashion design. Advertising the suits and bunny lingerie. The guy looks in no way like Barack Obama. There is no way I did that on purpose.


This banner was a ton more important. Much more serious. This is focusing on promoting the XMA Mega Arena Tournament Hence the very cool and stylish XMA t-shirts. I really liked the pattern used. The colours are very pleasant to look at.


Do you like discounts? I sure do!

This banner below advertises a 30% discount on several items. Not my favourite banner but I like the glasses. Very nice!


This banner was most interesting as it was to promote the Futebol Mania Cup. Where in game contestants can win many prizes.


Then using all the winners of the cup’s in-game characters to make this awesome banner. Then putting the winning team’s logo on that golden trophy. Great job guys! You deserve fame and fortune for your efforts!


To check out the game’s website and/or download the game you can find it here. Great fun. I highly recommend.

While I designed this. This artwork is property of Smilegate West. Futebol Mania is the property of Joycity. This design is already public officially that is why it is being posted. This is on my blog for portfolio purposes not for profit or financial gain.

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