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Futebol Mania: Batch of banners (January Batch)

Here are more of my Futebol Mania banner batches to go along with the previous posts. I sure do love designing these.

The first two banners promote the GM Event. A banner where players get to face off with the Game managers for an exclusive game.



This banner is to promote the soccer show. Where players may win in game money based on performing well in 20 games of soccer. I thought this banner was really funny when I was making it. I wanted to go for the broadway musical theme. Where players are dance around and doing funny celebrations.


To check out the game’s website and/or download the game you can find it here. Great fun. I highly recommend it.

While I designed this. This artwork is property of Smilegate West. Futebol Mania is the property of Joycity. This design is already public officially that is why it is being posted. This is on my blog for portfolio purposes not for profit or financial gain.

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