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Futebol Mania: Content Page Design (Razer)


Another content Page I created while working with Smilegate West. My task was to create a page focusing on the new content being brought to the game Futebol Mania during the month of October. The main feature was the products made by Razer that were given as prizes to gamers .

I wanted to really capture the look and feel of a Razer design theme. This incorporates alot of neon bright greens solid black colour with subtle patterns. Simplicity was key here. The strong graphic needed to be on the header but I wanted to go for something very simple for the remainder of the page.

If you want to check out the functioning page click here or the image below


Also to coincide with the page to promote it are banners, events, downloadable wallpapers, newsletter and loading screens.



razer items

razer items


Razer Prize Promos

Razer Event

Razer Event



To check out the game’s website and/or download the game you can find it here. Great fun. I highly recommend.

While I designed this. This artwork is property of Smilegate West. Futebol Mania is the property of Joycity. This page is supported the brand Razer be sure to check out their product This design is already public officially that is why it is being posted. This is on my blog for portfolio purposes not for profit or financial gain.

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