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Jurassic Park Adventure Pack DVD- Package Analysis Presentation

The one package that has interested me since I was 13 was the package for the Jurassic Park DVD box set.It proved to be quite an interesting package and was innovative but was only a novelty ownsership benefit. This package while it is interesting has proved to have many flaws. For one the box is way to big which gives it horrible shelf prescence. Sometimes when when being put away on a DVD shelf I find the doors on the front of the package open up and get caught in the other DVD’s. Another nuisance is the little paper slip that came with the DVD. This paper slip gives descriptions of what is contained on each DVD, the movie ratings and the run time. Now usually these features are a good thing, however it isn’t a good thing when it isn’t attached to the DVD case. There is plenty of useless space on the package where they could have put this; such as the section on the back of the DVD case where there is a picture of a dinosaurs eye. This photograph seems like both a waste of space and a pointless addition to the case. Bottom line this would have been better off if the paper slip substituted for the eye photograph. While there are a few flaws there are good things to look into this package. Such as the excellent photographs and good typography. The use of the Jurassic Park doors is a neat feature and appeals to many fans of both film and Jurassic Park. This is a good buy but keep in mind you can’t just throw out the box because the DVD’s don’t come in individual cases.

The presentation today was a sucess and I felt that I got a great reception from the classroom and it was great to have my opinion out there on this interesting packaging. A note to future designers who are working with DVD Cases… design for seperate DVD cases and don’t insert useless paper slips. Also make note to make the box the regular size of a DVD case.

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