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Package Design: Cookie Package Rough Ideas

Have you ever had to open a box of cookies but instead of feeling delight you feel a sense of frustration with the packaging. In order to open the typical package of cookies you have to open the brown flaps from underneath the opening.  Then unroll it and take out the tray. This gets tiresome if you want a snack, getting cookies becomes a chore.

What if you don’t have a cookie jar and just want a single cookie. You would have to open the package every time then pull out the tray grab a cookie, put the tray back in the bag and manage to fit it in without getting caught. Rolling back the opening and closing the flaps is a tedious chore and explains why I hate this packaging.

I offer the perfect alternative to this dilemma. How about a cardboard can that contains around 15-20 cookies. The cookies are in stack format and the packaging will be fairly simple. All that is needed is a cardboard can and slide off lid. The first package will be rather scarce on the width but rather tall. The second package will be more or less the same idea except half the height and three times the width. I will continue to develop these ideas in the following days.

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