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The Postcards and Pictograms above all are dedicated to the issues involved when corporations start violating human rights to fulfill their greedy schemes. Such schemes include polluting water with oil, demolishing and evicting people out of their homes and the rich oppressing the poor.

I started the process by researching on the internet about such unjust practices that the major corporations cause. Once I had my information I started doing concepts about oil, drowning within corporations, poverty, oppression and slave labour. The firsts drafts I had created incorporated 3 pictograms depicting oil pollution, starvation and eviction. However the images didn’t provide a satisfying result and decided to scrap one of the pictograms.

I knew for the final image I had to change something completely so I made a more powerful image than the previous. I had created a brand new pictogram about oppression of the poor. The pictogram shows a business man stomping on a poor person who is helpless and feels torn towards the rich mans power.

The colour scheme for the first postcard is incorporated with different shades of blue. The light blues provide an innocent look to the image. The pictogram receiving the prominent visual hierarchy within the image is supposed to be an innocent person receiving soup from a soup kitchen but finds all the water used to make it is made from oil. Postcard #2 I wanted to achieve a more violent look so different shades of orange and a pantone red helped bring the ferocity of the image out. Postcard 3 incorporates different shades of green to bring a more money related colour to the visual. The prominent image contains a human being evicted from his home being bribed by a major corporation or the government. He is forced to leave the home he grew up in for a sum of money so a highway or casino can be built. So this colour goes to show that all that is cared about is money.

The first image uses the transitional typography system.

The second image uses the axial system

the third image uses the radial system.

First image: The font selected in this image was Gill sans. For the images I wanted to focus on sans serif fonts. I found Gill sans was effective on its visual impact.

Second image: The font selected was Helvetica. Originally I was going to use Rockwell. As a slab serif and a gigantic, monstrous type-face that it is I found that it lacked the clarity I required for the image. So when looking for clarity Helvetica was the perfect choice.

Third Image: The font selected was Futura. I was thinking of a futuristic sort of look for the type in this image so Futura was the perfect fit.

As a designer a feel it is an obligation to reach out to people about global issues in a way that they will feel motivated to change something. I may not be able to accomplish change to what happens to the people who are affected by corporations but I still feel it should be made aware. Despite the fact that everybody knows what is going on.

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