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SenseAsian Bistro Button Designs

Working as an intern at People Power Press one of the jobs I was in charge of was designing a line of buttons for SenseAsian Bistro. One button needed to be orange with white type and one needed to be baby blue with white type. The instructions were that the type needed to be simple, clean, impactful and fun and it needed to reflect their website designs colours.

I started with a batch of eight samples for the client to choose from based on different typefaces.


In the end the client chose buttons number 2 and 3. However for button number 3 the client wanted the type to be stacked as opposed to having so much negative space and I can see why. So I tried to use two different styles for the stacked type for the customer to choose from. In the end I find the design to be very modern and clean and I also feel it reflects their website well.

The Final Selection

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