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Toronto Distillery: Presentable Concepts

Concept #1:

This concept is effective in its use of architecture layout. The multiple sculptures and buildings prove to be an interesting visual to the viewer. The focal point of the image is the eyeball of the alien sculpture because of the thickness and the colour red proves to stand out and be noticed. The heading “Distillery” is used in the Rockwell font since the Rockwell font is good for headlines. On the building I used the Badoni font because Badoni is a strong font to make image seem high class and rich.

Concept #2:

This image is more dedicated towards young couples who wish to take part and relax at the distillery. The font layout and the design is inspired from classical posters and headlines. The classical approach helps emphasize that the poster is attracting a high class, wealthy audience. The Rockwell font is used due to its effectiveness on headlines and posters.

Concept #3:

Concept 3 has a more casual but classic design layout. The usage of bricks in the image show what the distillery is known best for… bricks. The potted plant in the image brings a beauty upon the image. The focal point is the red carpet leading o the archway. The red carpet is symbolism as a walk of fame, a place for the rich and the high class can stand high above the rest and seem more important than anybody. A person should feel important when they visit places and it provides a luxury.

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