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Typographic Innovation

Typographic Innovation is an interesting and very complicated practice of a graphic designer. How can one make something like type interesting? The following images are all doing something rather neat with type and something unique from one another.

Subway Ad: I find this subway ad to be very intriguing with its mixture or slab serif, sans serif and script fonts. The fonts change in a pattern. The pattern goes as follows: Sans Serif, Script, Slab Serif, Sans Serif, Script. Each word in the sentence is different by suiting these fonts and at the same time they look like they all belong together. These words appear to be formed as a shelf that holds the cellphones. Also the illustrated additions to the letters in the word “anytime” is very interesting. When I look at this poster I can’t help but be fascinated by the type.

Album Cover: Out of all the albums I own this is the only one that consists of only type. I find the cover to be intriguing and can’t stop looking at it. While it may just look like plain old type the designer decided to incorporate bits and pieces of photographs of the band members to make up the letters. This makes the type look way more interesting and makes it look like the type is doing something cool.

Poster: This poster uses typography to represent the inner demons that the student has been struggling to battle while being bullied. While the image appears to be a student getting torn up. The designer makes the type take place inside the students body instead of organs. without that type in the image it would just be a boring image to look at.

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