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Typographic Systems

There are any different systems in Typography that characterize the layout of a designers work. There are six systems in total and are all distinguished by unique characteristics. Radial System, Transitional System, Random System, Dilational System,  Bilateral System and Axial System.

Radial System: The image (Radial System) has type in radial form spread around a mans arm. The image is on the back of an album cover and is themed towards tattoos. For the tattoo look, the type was hand written to create the vibe. The radial system helps circulate the type around the focal point of the image and proves to be effective as a whole.

Transitional System: The image uses the Transitional System within its design. The transitional, hand-written type  is used to fit within certain aspects of the image. The type is meant to take shape with its surroundings. In this instance it is taking shape with the tree and the shaded region of the zombie in the background. Overall the system works and helps contrast surroundings.

Random System: The image I chose for random system was found on the lyrics sheet of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers vinyl. The band is known for being strange, weird, out of control and just plain nuts. So the random system suits them.The type while in axial form is placed in outrageous angles and well suits the random system. The style works well and legibility is great which is not common amongst random system.

Dilational System: The image I chose for dilational system is a bizzare and weird image. For the choice of imagery the designer decided to use circular picture frames. To compliment these frames the designer incorporated dilated the type outside the frames. It works but legibility and contrast with the background is lacking.

Bilateral System: This image was focused on simplicity and the designer wanted a centred look to the image. So bilateral works well and served its purpose.

Axial System: The designer knew that the album he was designing the sleeve for was overall a simple album and didn’t require creativity typography wise. So for simplicity you can’t go wrong with axial system. Not to mention it fits and shapes around the image of broken glass next to the type.

Photographs are mine but the actual design work is not my own. The images are from

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Alexisonfire- Watch Out!, Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Freaky Styley, Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, Black Flag- Damaged

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