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Fair Vote Canada Button Design

At my internship at PeoplePowerPress I was asked to design the buttons for Fair Vote Canada. Fair Vote is all about Fair Vote Canada is a  national citizens  campaign which specializes in promoting fair voting systems for use in elections (check out there website here).

As instructed by the client I needed to incorporate the words “Your Vote SHOULD Count” on the face of the button design. I was asked to place clean and bold black type onto the face of the white button. However the word SHOULD was required to be a more prominent aspect in the design. I started off with three designs.

The image above was sent to the client for them to choose the design of their liking or to provide feedback on how the design could be adjusted to their liking. The three designs I developed showcase  a modernist, corporational and governmental feel and is meant to give a powerful and clean look. The button design that was chosen in the end was button design numero 2 for its simplicity, clarity and powerful hiearchy.

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