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FreeChurch Button Design

This button was designed for “FreeChurch Toronto exists to develop Christ-devoted, no-nonsense, spiritually mature and motivated disciples.” Working at People Power Press as an intern one of my tasks was to create a button for FreeChurch. I was given a phrase inspired by the Bible “Get The Dung Gate Done” and was asked to incorporate this on a simple button. The rules of the design went as follows: 1. It had to be Grayscale 2. It had to consist of only type 3. It had to give off an ancient vibe 4. The type needed to look sophisticated.

At first it wasn’t mentioned that greyscale was a requirement so I started off with colours that would give off an old vibe. Like the yellow of an old piece of paper. The font choices were generally amongst blackletter fonts and serif fonts. After submitting a sheet of the concepts. Feedback was given to change it to greyscale and to go for a more sophisticated fontchoice. Something like a script font. So I browsed for many different script fonts until I found one that gives an ancient vibe and reflects the style of the FreeChurch website The client seemed to be more in favour of a slanted and radial positioning. Typographic wise they wanted to go with they dilational system. Which involves type rotating around the axis. In the end the button of choice had a script font slanted and positioned in the middle and type rotating as a serif font around the axis. Originally it was understood that the script font would be rotating however the font in question was having issues of legibility. So I ended up going with the typeface Fritz Quadrata.

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