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Illustration Research Assignment

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While browsing through some of the magazines at a local magazine shop, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued when I saw a magazine specializing in illustrations of heavy metal album covers. Each page had a spread on a different illustrator and each page contained an aricle on how they came up with their ideas and how they resolved them. This article was found in a limited edition magazine that is distributed by Revolver.

The illustrator that I chose is Ed Repka who is famous for doing artwork for the popular music group Megadeth. His work is usually very detailed and immensely illustrative. The illustration is of a one of Ed’s characters standing amongst the usual Ed Repka illustrative scenery, such as burning buildings, monsters, skulls and explosions. This image was created to represent the ultimate Ed Repka llustration. His mediums to create this artwork were his traditional oil paints and ink. I admire the textures and the value incorporated into this illustration. The detail is almost bone chilling, which is usually the case in Repkas work. The image is very relevent to the article due to it’s personification of the subjects artwork. Since the article is about Ed Repka and his illustrations the image works fine. The colours are very strong and are varied between tints and hues of the primary colours. The colour is what emphasizes the value here.

Ed has been doing this sort of illustration since the late 1970’s and is still going strong today. The piece was specially created for Revolver magazine and has been used a few times in their publishing. Repkas images are strong and Repkas image “sells… but who’s buying?”

All images created by Ed Repka and Revolver Magazine

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