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Illustrator Interview- The Art of Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout is widely crazed by geeks and movie fans all over the world. His movie and concert posters are legend and his illustrations are among the best I have ever seen. I managed to ask Tyler a few questions just to learn a little more about him.

How would you describe your style; what unique characteristics does your work possess? “Weeeellll… I’m not sure. I draw movie related things? Fake movie posters? Plus music posters that are pretty random, imagery wise. I do have a lot of people say that my colors tend to be somewhat bright and vibrant, ala flight of the conchords album art.”

Is there a certain type of art buyer that commissions your work frequently? What is that particular market and why do you think your work is desirable to them? “My movie poster connection, The Alamo Drafthouse, commissions me pretty frequently. screenprinted movie posters have taken off in popularity recently, and I’ve been in that field for awhile, so I guess that makes me more well known in that niche market.”

Have you ever evolved your style to broaden your appeal? If so, how? “Not really. If you do something long enough, you tend to refine your style and hopefully improve. Though I have tried to standardize my size, 18×24 inches or 24×36”. Easier than my older sizes, which were all over the board.

What was your most rewarding project? Why? “The last one usually. whichever one I just completed, on time, and was well received.

Thank you For taking the time to answer these questions Tyler

To learn more about Tyler Stout, visit his website at

All images in this blog post are the property and creations of Tyler Stout. In no way is this post directed to earning profit or gain.

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