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Typography In Guitar Tablature: Magazines and Online

Aside from my ambitions to be a Graphic Designer I have a passion for the electric guitar. In my daily life I use guitar tablature to educate myself further into the subject and fullfill my need to play the music that I enjoy so much. While viewing the guitar tablatures I developed an understanding towards the fonts displayed in the magazines and Internet printouts. While both mediums have  the same fonts they both have a different way of portraying them. The font that is used to title tablature is usually “Arial 12” while the actual measure and notes are “courier new 10” font.  In magazines the notes happen to be bolded “Arial 12” font while the rest of the measure is bolded “courier”. Which is different from the online versions of tablature because the only thing that is bolded online is the title of the song. This is done because the lines of the measure are dashed lines and therefore easier to notes are easier to see, which makes the need for bolding unessecary.

Image #2 and Image #3 are both photographed from Guitar Player magazine which I don’t own and I don’t intend to profit off this.

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